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ARIANNA was born in 2010 from the research and development of DUNE srl in the field of pedestrian localisation and tracking in GPS-denied environments (indoor, underground and tactical scenarios, when GNSS is intentionally jammed).


ARIANNA is mainly addressed to firefighters, law enforcement units, soldiers and inspectors of Critical Infrastructures.

Rescue your injured agent/firefighter in 3 minutes instead of one hour

tracking security indoor localisation first responders sensor wearable gps-denied


ARIANNA system comes with different versions, so to cope with a widespread ensemble of requirements, ranging from real-time tracking of first responders (police, firefighters), to training, debriefing and post-mission anaysis


Discover the new operational paradigms enabled by the use of the ARIANNA system: shrink the rescue time of injured agents, speed up the mission time, boost the effectiveness of the on-field operations

On-field results

ARIANNA system has undergone countless on-field trials, experiments and assessment tests, carried out by Firefighters of different Countries, Agency of the United Nations, big firms, Institute of Aerospace Agency, Academic Institutions and SMEs, in Europe and worldwide

ARIANNA System boosts your operability and saves lives

1. Locate in the absence of GPS

2. Boost the effectiveness

3. Make your training more effective

ARIANNA has been designed to cope with the requirements of first responders

- no infrastructures deployed before or during the operations

- no calibration or long set-up times

- zero-touch operations

- no need of trained personnel: "switch-on and forget" paradigm

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