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ARIANNA comes with different versions, to comply with a wide range of operational requirements, ranging from real-time tracking of first responders (firefighters, police), improve the localization accuracy if the floorplans of the intervention areas were available, boost the post-mission analysis for training and debriefing


Ancora 1

Designed for real time tracking of the operators, insures a tracking accuracy as low as 0.5 % of the walked distance. It is the basic brick of the ARIANNA system: it is solely based on inertial sensor unit (foot or belt-mounted), augmented with compass and altimeter (whenever reliable).​

Firefighters training session with ARIANNA localisation system

Real-time tracking performance example: 30 minutes, 2.3 km waked (no GPS)

A 22 minutes long demonstration with typical movements of the firefighters in indoor scenarios: walking, crawling, sweeping foot, climb over a window.

Remark: the video is purposely not time accelerated.


Ancora 2

Designed for real-time tracking of the operators, insures a tracking accuracy independent of the walked distance, over a virtually unlimited time. It is the extension of ARIANNA, when the floorplan of the operational area is available.​

Tracking of a whole working day of a safeguard in a large mall: 6 hours long tracking, 6 km walked

Tracking of a customer in a small mall


Ancora 3

Designed for post-mission analysis (e.g. for inspectors, safeguards of Critical Infrastructures), it provides unprecedented location accuracy over unlimited time span (tested over 8 hours of continuous tracking); working in conjunction with ARIANNA-VIEW, it provides a powerful enrichment of the operational context, with images, videos, sensor measurements and so on. Fully customisable on the user's needs.​

On-field training with the Italian Firefighters: exploration of an unknown underground cave, with a twofold objective:

1) track and locate the personnel during the exploration;

2) obtain a geo-referenced map of the unknown underground cave.

Track obtained with tools of ARIANNA competitors

Track obtained with ARIANNA-CTX tool

3-D track obtained with ARIANNA-CTX tool, along with the images of the firefighters at the right location inside the underground cave

Ancora 4


Is the powerful graphical interface specifically designed to display the ARIANNA tracking data.

Easy to use, it requires no dedicated technical personnel​ and provides on-line and off-line track refinement tools, contextualisation with images (including panoramic images), videos, voice, measurements from sensors (e.g. temperature, pollutants, radiation, health status).

Allows multiple map providers, 3D navigable representation with customisable CAD objects and automatic fast reporting of the whole mission in common and shareable formats (e.g. PDF, Docx, XLSX)

ARIANNA-MAP embeds powerful manual track adjustment tools, that can be operated both in real-time and in post-processing. The attached video shows the whole track adjustment as post-mission analysis tool.

Support of panoramic images

ARIANNA-MAP puts in context all the data collected during the mission, including 3D (panoramic images) for a more immersive enhancement of the situational awareness.

Gallery of assets

ARIANNA-MAP manages in real-time and in post-mission analysis mode, all the on-field collected data: images, videos, voice notes, data from sensors (temperature, chemical pollutants, radiations).

This feature boosts the situational awareness and enables new operational paradigms, unavailable beforehand.

Multi-map providers

ARIANNA-MAP embeds the management of multiple providers of maps, ranging from Google satellite to Bing composite. The map better suited for the application can be selected and changed in real time, with no need to be pre-selected.

No internet connection is needed for have the maps selection during the operation in remote areas, with no data link or WiFi available.


ARIANNA-MAP comes with a powerful 3D visualisation mode, managing multiple providers, buildings transparency, insertion of CAD customisable objects, complete view camera control (elevation, rotation, zoom), playback function of the whole mission.

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