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Real-time tracking 

of first responders

ARIANNA has been specifically designed to locate and track first responders (firefighters, law enforcement units) in unknown environments, where GPS is not available (indoor, underground) or intentionally jammed (e.g. terroristic attack).

ARIANNA doesn't need the deployment of location-aiding infrastructures.

Training, debriefing

and post-mission analysis

ARIANNA, in conjunction with its enhancements (ARIANNA-FLOOR and ARIANNA-CTX) is capable of providing unprecedented location performance over virtually unlimited time spans. It is suitable for tracking inspectors and safeguards of Critical Infrastructures, also for debriefing, post mission analysis and training.

The boost of the situational awareness saves life

ARIANNA is much more than just "localisation" without GPS. The integration with the ARIANNA-MAP enables a new level of situational awareness, where location of a squad, health status, sensor data, images, videos, voice commends are put into a unique context, enabling a new level of knowledge of the ground-truth, so to dispatch proper, timely and accurate orders.

See the ARIANNA promo video on its applications and performances

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