News 2020

2020, January

ARIANNA published on the Feuerwehr Fachjournal (DE)

As a follow-up of the FOLRIAN Exhibition in Dresden (see the 2018 News), the innovation offered by the ARIANNA system raised a vivid interest by the trade magazine Feuerwehr Fachjournal, published in Germany (the magazine site is here).
The magazine decided to write an article on the specific advantages offered by ARIANNA for the firefighting operations
, along with a brief description of its working principles.

The article (written in German) can be seen at this link.

2020, March

Procurement of ARIANNA system and studies by one Agency of the United Nations

One important Agency of the United nations (operating in the realm of security and critical infrastructures) has activated a contract for a second batch of procurements of ARIANNA systems (specifically customised to meet their specific requirements and used in their activities worldwide).
The same Agency also activated a contract for the improvement of the  (patented) ARIANNA processing for the track estimation, along with the implementation of additional functionalities in the customised version of the ARIANNA-MAP visualisation and post-processing suite.


2020, April

ARIANNA system procurement and testing in Switzerland

After a long scouting phase started in 2017, one key provider of the Swiss firefighters selected the ARIANNA system for a first batch of procurements and operational stress-tests in real operative conditions.

ARIANNA team is proud for this selection, testifying the on-field suitability of the solution. We consider this as a first step toward the enlargement of the marketing footprint in Switzerland.

2020, May

First ARIANNA "Learning Pill" video filming in progress

In the frame of the H2020 PROTECT project and in cooperation with Entropy-KN, the first ARIANNA "Learning Pill" video filming has started and is now in progress.

It shows real fatalities occurred during true firefighters’ operations and how these could have been avoided by adopting a wearable safety system such as ARIANNA.

The video is a mix of actors, 3D animations, interactions with the viewers with questions and answers.