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News 2020

2020, December 26-27
ARIANNA new add-ons: the Optimal Escape Route and Behavioural modules


ARIANNA-MAP has been extended by including two additional (and optional) modules.

The former implements the OER (Optimal Escape Route) methodology, providing the escape track associated with the lowest risk. It has been designed for multi-floor buildings, as well as for outdoor scenarios (e.g. forest fires), including the presence of areas with different degrees of risk (e.g. fire, collapsed floor, poisonous gas).


The latter implements a real-time estimation and classification module of the behaviour of the firefighter, being able to indicate, with a high degree of confidence, movement regimes such as: walk, run, lying and not moving, lying and moving, crawling, sweeping foot, etc.     

2020, November 26-27

Invitefd lecture at the SPOMT 2020 (Beijing, China) 


Organised by the BIACD (Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices), the SPOMT 2020 conference is to discuss technological innovation and technological progress in the fields of optoelectronic technology, inertial information technology, and precision instrument manufacturing.

DUNE has been invited to hold a lecture on the achievements after 10 years of evolution of the MEMS technologies applied to localisation and tracking in the absence of location-aiding infrastructures.
Ane extract of the lecture can be seen HERE

2020, November 10

ARIANNA Serious Game "Maze Rescue" released


In the frame of the PROTECT project, in cooperation with the subcontracted communication agency, the first "Serious game" specifically designed for ARIANNA has been released.

The game, named "Maze rescue" is reproduces, as a countdown game, the rescue of a colleague in a maze composed of many rooms, randomly linked by doors. In some rooms there might be questions that, if correctly answered, give bonuses to the player (e.g. a fire extinguisher, a light, a breathing apparatus).

The game is playable HERE

2020, October 15

New contract with the Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices


A new cooperation route has been established wit6h the BIACD (Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices) for the development of a new tool for emergency applications that will be employed as an add-on of the ARIANNA-MAP visualisation tool.

The new development aims at the development of processing techniques for the estimation of the OER (Optimal Escape Route) for each firefighter in a multi-floor building or in case of forest fires, in the presence or high risk (uncrossable) areas.
The first phase of the development is about the advanced feasibility and will last up to Mach 2021.

2020, October

ARIANNA contributes to the Open research Data Pilot of the European Commission


In the frame of the PROTECT project, a whole set of raw and processed data has been publicly made available for the research community. The data are FAIR (Free, Accessible, Interoperable, Readable), in compliance with the recommended prectices of the European Commission.

Inertial Measurement Unit raw data in TXT open and readable format, to be used for processing and testing the pedestrian dead reckoning algorithms by the inertial and indoor tracking scientific community.

The raw inertial data have been collected and made publicly available in the frame of the SME Phase 2 project PROTECT (820867), co-funded by the European Commission.
The datasets have an unique DOI on Zenodo  ( and are indexed also on OperAIRE (here)

2020, July 29-30

ARIANNA 2-days demostration session at the SISMA-USAR facility of the Italian Firefighters


The SISMA-USAR facility is a unique training facility, owned by the Italian National Firefighters Corp (CNVVF) and managed by the USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) department. The SISMA-USAR simulator got the INSARAG (International Search and Rescue Advisory Group) certification in 2018.
The simulator extends over an area of 2.100 m2 and is composed of different training elements.
The two-days demonstration session had the following ojectives: (a) perform a stress-test for the ARIANNA localisation system and (b) gather a feedback from the VVF about the real boost of the situational awareness and operational advantage provided by ARIANNA

Both objectives have been successfully acheved.

2020, May

First ARIANNA "Learning Pill" video filming in progress


In the frame of the H2020 PROTECT project and in cooperation with Entropy-KN, the first ARIANNA "Learning Pill" video filming has started and is now in progress.

It shows real fatalities occurred during true firefighters’ operations and how these could have been avoided by adopting a wearable safety system such as ARIANNA.

The video is a mix of actors, 3D animations, interactions with the viewers with questions and answers.

2020, April
ARIANNA system procurement and testing in Switzerland


After a long scouting phase started in 2017, one key provider of the Swiss firefighters selected the ARIANNA system for a first batch of procurements and operational stress-tests in real operative conditions.

ARIANNA team is proud for this selection, testifying the on-field suitability of the solution. We consider this as a first step toward the enlargement of the marketing footprint in Switzerland.

2020, March
Procurement of ARIANNA system and studies by one Agency of the United Nations


One important Agency of the United nations (operating in the realm of security and critical infrastructures) has activated a contract for a second batch of procurements of ARIANNA systems (specifically customised to meet their specific requirements and used in their activities worldwide).
The same Agency also activated a contract for the improvement of the  (patented) ARIANNA processing for the track estimation, along with the implementation of additional functionalities in the customised version of the ARIANNA-MAP visualisation and post-processing suite.

2020, February
Procurement of ARIANNA system and studies by one Agency of the United Nations


ARIANNA embeds a powerful and robust inertial and compass fusion module, based on a proprietary algorithm that aims at compensating the horizontal drift of the tracks (mostly due to the specific nature of the MEMS gyroscopes).
Similar processing techniques need the compass calibration (soft and hard iron calibration) before the start of the operation: a requirement that can be hardly met in real-life, emergency opretions.

ARIANNA techique does not require such a calibration, because it embeds a self-calibration automatically perfoprmed during the operations.

The patents have the EPO numbers IT201700122111A1 and IT201700119916A1

2020, January

ARIANNA published on the Feuerwehr Fachjournal (DE)

As a follow-up of the FOLRIAN Exhibition in Dresden (see the 2018 News), the innovation offered by the ARIANNA system raised a vivid interest by the trade magazine Feuerwehr Fachjournal, published in Germany (the magazine site is here).
The magazine decided to write an article on the specific advantages offered by ARIANNA for the firefighting operations, along with a brief description of its working principles.

The article (written in German) can be seen at this link.

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