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News 2016

2016, November, 8

ARIANNA in the winning team of the SMART@FIRE pre-procurement project for Firefighters

SMART@FIRE has been the most important pre-procurement project supported by the European Commission for new protective systems for Firefighters.

DUNE, member of the team participating to the SMART@FIRE competition (Applycon, Elitronic, Holik International, Vochoc, University of West Bohemia, Dune), was in charge of the tracking and localisation system. The final on-field test was held on Nov. 8, 2016 at Aix-en-Provence (FR) and the Evaluation Committee concluded that the system met the requirements of the PCP tender and that looked very near to commercialization. (Photo taken during the final tests). The final presentation of the developed system is here.

2016, Oct. 31 - Nov. 1st

Invited lecture in the China International Conference on Inertial Technology and Navigation

Organised by the Chinese Society of Inertial Technology (CSIT), the CICITN  has been an international conference on new inertial sensor technologies and applications. In this frame, DUNE has been invited to give a lecture ("Contextual Processing for Pedestrian Tracking in Infrastructure-free and GPS-denied Environments") on the basic principles and results of the ARIANNA-CTX paradigm. 

The photo here showed has been taken during the DUNE lecture.

2016, April 10 - 11

ARIANNA ranked 1st at the MICROSOFT Indoor Localisation Competition in Vienna

The Microsoft Indoor Localisation Competition is a worldwide competition among the most advanced and performing technologies for localisation and tracking in GPS-denied environments.

DUNE participated to the 2016 edition, held in Vienna (Austria), in the 2D category with its ARIANNA system.

Despite the challenging competition ARIANNA was the most performing system, providing a 0.75 m RMS error over all the landmark points distributed in the test area.

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