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On-line track adjustment


Multi-map providers

ARIANNA-MAP embeds the management of multiple providers of maps, ranging from Google satellite to Bing composite. The map better suited for the application can be selected and changed in real time, with no need to be pre-selected.

No internet connection is needed for have the maps selection during the operation in remote areas, with no data link or WiFi available.


On-line track adjustment (see video)

Support for panoramic images (see video)

Gallery of assets (see image)

Multi-map providers (see video)

3D view (see video)

Automatic creation and export in multiple formats (e.g. PDF, XLSx, DOCx) of the mission report.

ARIANNA-MAP embeds powerful manual track adjustment tools, that can be operated both in real-time and in post-processing. The attached video shows the whole track adjustment as post-mission analysis tool.

Support of panoramic images

ARIANNA-MAP puts in context all the data collected during the mission, including 3D (panoramic images) for a more immersive enhancement of the situational awareness.

Gallery of assets

ARIANNA-MAP manages in real-time and in post-mission analysis mode, all the on-field collected data: images, videos, voice notes, data from sensors (temperature, chemical pollutants, radiations).

This feature boosts the situational awareness and enables new operational paradigms, unavailable beforehand.


ARIANNA-MAP comes with a powerful 3D visualisation mode, managing multiple providers, buildings transparency, insertion of CAD customisable objects, complete view camera control (elevation, rotation, zoom), playback function of the whole mission.

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